About Birth Advocate


What is a Birth Advocate? Many call us friends, sisters, mothers, helpers and guides. Mostly we are called doulas.

Doula is a Greek word meaning ‘women’s helper’, which has come to describe women who attend families in pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

Each doula has her unique perspective, but we all share the joy and honor of helping families bring their babies into the world. We believe that birth is a natural process and a great time for change and development. We encourage our clients to achieve their goals and we will work with their chosen birth professional toward a satisfying and healthful outcome.

If you are interested in doula services, childbirth education, lactation support or training to be a doula, please contact Jessica Berman at (415) 425-1576 or at jessica@birthadvocate.com

The History of Birth Advocate
Birth Advocate was founded in 2006 by Gia Schultz. Birth Advocate quickly grew to include many doulas working together to provide kind and knowledgeable care.
Today, although no longer a collective, Birth Advocate continues to be committed to building a stronger community through providing doula care, childbirth education and lactation support services.